New app requires login and doesn't work offline

I assume this is intentional, but it’s very disappointing :frowning: :frowning: :(.

I was happily working away with the old version, which DID work offline and DIDN’T require a login, but it appears as though you managed to delete that version from my system (a very serious infraction as far as I’m concerned) and I was forced to then install the latest, which presented me with a fat login screen and no other options.

I get that you have to be a business, but it was a great product and I’m really sorry to see it go. Guess I’ll have to go find another editor now :(.

My bad! Looks like I had confused the more general stoplight platform app for what I was actually looking for, the stoplight studio app.

I found that and it remains the same great product it was before. (I’m still not sure why it got erased from my system, but it’s possible it was just a botched upgrade.)

Case closed!