Need to talk to sales

Hi. I am evaluating different platforms to replace our current platforms. We have the need to hosts two types of documents: (1) API generated from swagger and (2) free form instructional guides. I have these questions:

It’s not clear what product do we need. studio and docs seems to be the same product. I believe that’s what we need. We design our swagger definitions in another product and then publish to github. Then we want to pull those into a publishing platform, like yours.

Does the site create sample code from the Swagger definitions.?

Do you support versions, so that can have different versions of the documentation. Want to be able to stage documentation and then push to production when ready. As for versions, we release those more slowly.

It access control to documentation possible by user id so that not all users can change all documents?

Are we able to do backups and restores? Are we able to export the whole site? With our current provider we can only backup guides but not API definitions (manually written ones). So if we delete a page by mistake or mess it up we cannot retrieve it.

Need pricing info and number of accounts we can have and different support options.


Hi @werowe, can you send us an email at

This forum is more for technical questions/advice, but our Sales team can answer any questions you may have around pricing and functionality.

Funny, I posted an article recently echoing the exact same sentiment. It seems that the stoplight site has many tangentially related products. As I navigate it, I find myself going around in circles answering various questions that route me to different products.