Modifications made in the Design tab (ans saved) are not visible in the Read tab

Hey !

Does anyone else have this issue :

  • you make your modifications in the Design tab
  • you save & confirm
  • the modifications look ok in the Code tab
  • but in the Read tab, the modifications are nowhere to be seen

I’ve tried

  • logging out and logging in again,
  • tried using the browser’s private / incognito mode,
  • tried changing / simplifying the modification (just adding a simple string field to an object)
    And still i cannot see the modification. I’m using Chrome, latest version, on Mac OS Mojave.

Does anyone else have this issue ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @bogdan.udrea, unfortunately I’ve never come across that issue before.

Can you send an email to with a link to your project so that we can take a closer look?