Minimum/Maximum constraints not showing correctly when specified on a float

In Stoplight I have created a ‘number’ type with a ‘double’ format and manually entered the JSON in the ‘code’ tab to add a minimum and maximum value. The trouble is the minimum and maximum values are not showing up in the ‘read’ tab when I submit my changes.

Does Stoplight support the ‘minimum’ and ‘maximum’ values in OAS3?

“currentLatitude”: {
“type”: “number”,
“format”: “double”,
“description”: “The geographic latitude”,
“example”: 45.459061,
“minimum”: 13,
“maximum”: 86

@steve.bloedel Do you see any errors regarding the format of the spec, or does anything change if you reload the page? Min and max are certainly supported.

Hi @ross, No, I do not see any errors regarding the format of the spec. It says the spec is ‘Valid’. It is an OAS3 spec created in JSON. I tried to capture a screenshot of what the min/max is.

Unfortunately I’m unable to reproduce with the example you’ve provided.

Do you mind sending an email to with a link to your project in Stoplight? There may be something else present in the specification that is causing issues here.

I switched the type from a double to a float, then Saved and Published the document. Now it is displaying the proper min/max. Thanks for looking at it. It appears to be resolved now. I’ll email you if it happens again.