Make it so you can write in YAML vs. JSON?

(Einnes) #1

I don’t need this so much anymore because I’m getting the hang of reading and writing in the JSON format, but is there a chance in the future that you might make it so people can put in a YAML file instead? I usually can just download from SwaggerHub as JSON, but some day it might be a nice to have to let people work and read in YAML.

(Taylor Barnett) #2

It’s like you can read our minds! :laughing:

We are getting closer to this point in Stoplight Next.

(Tatiana Perry) #3

I’d like to see this as well. Most of mines are in yaml and then I convert to JSON to use in Stoplight.

(Ross McDonald) #4

While we do not yet support editing raw specs in YAML, I just wanted to mention here for anyone following that specifications can be exported in YAML by adding a format=yaml query parameter to the export URL for a file.

For example, here is a spec from an example project of mine:

This allows for retrieving fully-resolved specs from Stoplight in YAML format, which may be helpful when integrating into a CI/CD pipeline or pushing to external CVS repositories.