Mac Studio Crashing (VersionError)

I had an issue where the API was not saving so I closed stoplight and restarted. It now reports crashes at startup with the following screen. Test of the DOMException:

  1. error: DOMException
  2. code: 0
  3. message: “The requested version (1) is less than the existing version (2).”
  4. name: “VersionError”

I can provide a zip of the project directory as well if that helps.

For anyone else hitting this:

Go to developer tools -> Application -> Storage -> IndexedDB. Then find the database of the project you are trying to open and delete it. Refresh the app (cmd-R on OSX). This allowed me to start working again. I do not know what caused the crash, or what is lost by blowing away the indexDB cache - but the project is saved to disk so was worth it for me.

Hey Marc,

Thanks for the valuable feedback! I have added the information you provided to the ticket. We are currently working through this issue and should have it resolved soon.

Could you provide a zip of the file when you get a chance as well? That would help us get this resolved faster. You can send it to

It looks like this issue may have been resolved in a hotfix. The proposed solution, restarting the app, updates the app to the most recent version, fixing this issue. Let me know if you still experience issues.

Apologies the update emails were caught in a spam filter. Do you still need a zip? I have no experienced it again. (But I do have the zip from when it occurred).

Looks like it got fixed in the last hotfix so no worries. If you do experience it again please don’t hesitate to reach out.