Images in private git repo are linked not copied when publishing

Hi stoplighters,

I’m working with Stoplight Studio and published a project I’m working on.

The project is imported into studio from a private git repo. Our project has a couple of docs that make use of images. I linked them like this


in the markdown files.

When publishing the docs, I can’t see the pictures, because the picture link goes to

Which means I try to access pictures of a private repository that are not available to me.

Is there a way to use images in markdown docs and use the images from the git repo?

I was expecting that studio makes a copy of the repo and makes use of that copy and the images there.

Kind regards,


I also need this, any solution for that?

We’ll try to host the files externally now. I’m not sure if it will work properly but I’ll give an update if it does.

I used our Cloudinary account.

Hosting the files on our server did work out.