Images are not available after publishing

Not able to have my images working after publishing. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new project and click “Edit in Studio”
  2. Add a new png image so it’s appears in files in assets/images folder
  3. Click to image actions and run “Copy Relative Path”
  4. Add an article with an image using link from buffer:
  5. Save & publish a project.

In studio image appears correctly, but it’s not available in published version. Link to an image which appears in a published version is: https://<workspace><project>/assets/images/1_xv_2jrW9pGvICswf23KW0g.png returning

Something went wrong

‘/assets/images/1_xv_2jrW9pGvICswf23KW0g.png’ not found.

Same result if publishing from cli.

I have exactly the same issue!!! :frowning: