IE Explorer - login page issue


I get feedback from some of my customer which is using Internet Explorer (seems still common in Banking area) that stoplight doesn’t work.
After investigation, the issue doesn’t comes from stoplight itslef but from the login page (I’m using the Username/Password Login to restrict access to identified customer). If I leave the hub unprotected, it works like a charme.

Is there anything to do ? quick trick to share on IE settings ?


Hi! What version of IE is it happening on?


With IE 11

To be more accurate, when I fill the username/password and click on the button ‘click here to log in’ nothing happens

Did you manage to do a test on your own ?

Hi Stephane,

We have been able to reproduce this in our testing lab, however, the fix isn’t trivial as it appears that one of the dependent software packages we are using is no longer supporting IE11 since Microsoft is dropping support for it soon as well. We are investigating a fix that wouldn’t require a major redesign just for this browser, but if that doesn’t work, we may have to remove IE11 from our support matrix. Does your customer have the ability to upgrade to Microsoft Edge?

Brian Rock
Head of Engineering

Hi Brian

Unfortunately I cannot force my customer to use Edge. In banking area, usually the IT is still using Windows 7 and force the employee to use IE.