Hub : version management

Hi folks,

I have some questions among Hub publication and version management :
Is there a way to work like that :

  • Having version/1.0 published on
  • Having version/1.1 used in a “work in progress” mode for editing new features and updates
  • Having version/1.1 published during this WIP mode on (for internal sharing, testing and validation purpose)
  • When version/1.1 is finished/validated, publish it to
  • When version/1.1 is published, unpublish version/1.0 so as there is always only one version (the last validated one, we don’t wan’t the little versions dropdown next to the logo in the topbar)
  • Then create new version/1.2 used in wip mode for next features and updates
    … and so on every time we work on our APIs

As we work in a SCRUM mode with two weeks sprints, we wan’t the documentation Hub to fit the most smoother our gitflow alike process (master branch in PROD (here published Hub), develop branch for WIP (published on a private domain), RC branch (published on another private domain during sprint validation)

Can you too confirm that I can impact version/1.0 (public) fixes on version/1.1 (wip) by checkouting branches on our local side, apply merges with standard git, and then push to version/1.1 toward Next ?

Thank you for any idea on how to manage that kind of flow in Next’s Hub