How to get Server Variables to work with the "Try It" feature?

This may be a noob question. I am new to

I’m using server variables in my OAS specification, but when I try to use the “Try It” feature with these endpoints, there appears to be no way to set the server variables before running the “Try It.” The request always has the variable names - I can’t set them, or select them from the enum if I have one.

In my OAS json, I have servers with variables, such as:

  "servers": [
      "url": "https://{environment}{basePath}",
      "description": "The production API server",
      "variables": {
        "environment": {
          "default": "az1",
          "enum": [
            "gov1" ],
          "description": "this value is the data center id`"
        "basePath": {
          "default": "API/v3"

How can I build my OAS specification such that the server variables are settable by the user prior to the call being made? If the OAS is correct (which is appears to be based on the OpenAPI Specification), then what do I do in studio to make it so the users can set the variables?

I’m using the studio in the web, so the environment stuff from the desktop app doesn’t seem to apply. (I could be wrong about this.)

Any help is much appreciated.

Happy to provide more information if you need it.

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Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out. We unfortunately don’t support server variables at the moment but I have added it as a feature request that we will review for a future release.