How to embed spotlight studio api docs on my website

Hi, I am using Stoplight Studio to create my API and I’m trying to embed it on my website but I am unable to make it work.
I am following THIS guide.

I also want to express my dissapointment with how you’re handling such a great API docs tool.
You have not 1, not 2 but 3 different “versions” of stoplight and okay but why are they named differently?

Not just named differently, they have different domains (refer to THIS)
and to make things even worse, your docs for these are all over the place and one cannot differentiate to which version the doc applies to.

Classic -
Next -
Platform -

First, why not just have them using different versions? But okay, for some weird reason you want to use specific namings for them but then why not have for Platform ?? Also, If you want to have an absolute clusterf*** of a product then at least create ONE unified way of login for them and alos make ONE docs with specificed versions that those docs apply to.

You’d think that a company that creates API solutions would know better.

Please please do not ruin this beautiful tool.