How to clone my Stoplight projects to my local machine?

I have created a custom lint file for our group. This has some validations needed for our Specs.

I want to clone all my Stoplight projects to my local machine and update the lint file with my custom lint file, commit and push the updates to Stoplight’s GIT.

As I do not want to update the lint file manually for each project, could anyone share how to do this in code?

There is not really a built in way to make this happen; you would need to basically go back to some bash script to go through the list of projects you have in your account (you can do that through the API) and then make the clone/file change/push back again

Out of curiosity, how many projects are we talking about here?

I will try some bash script to do that.
About 75 for now, but it is growing.

can you share how did you do it?