Hitting the ground running with OAS 3.0

We have kicked off a project and have decided to go with OAS 3.0 and Stoplight.io as a part of a project. We let our developers loose on next.stoplight.io and we’ve hit a roadblock with OAS 3.0 compatibility. One of our developers completed their spec and wanted to create a mock server and they can only select OAS 2.0 definitions within the project. I thought OAS 3.0 support for Prism was already added? It’s at this point that I noticed that all of these announced shiny new features are going into Stoplight Studio.

Now I’m just really confused as to where to direct the team to collaborate, mock, and test their OAS 3.0 specifications. I see that Stoplight Studio has OAS 3.0 support for the designer and mocking, but now there is nothing on the development roadmap for testing with OAS 3.0 in Stoplight Studio.

Where do I mock, test, and design OAS 3.0 specifications with Stoplight.io? Should we assume that the future of Stoplight.io doesn’t involve testing features based on the roadmap? We’re trying to use this product in the real world right now and it’s frustrating to not see these things clicking together. Is there a place that clarifies what is supported and where?

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Now I know we are not the only one facing this situation.

Hey there,

Sorry for the confusion! As you mentioned, Stoplight Studio does support OAS3.0 mocking and modeling. We do have a testing tool planned for Stoplight Studio for Q1 2020. In terms of keeping track of changes we have started exposing a roadmap for future features and products https://stoplight.io/p/roadmap .

That clarifies some things. What about next.stoplight.io? Just a few months ago we were told OAS 3.0 support was coming and the UI indicates future OAS 3.0 support for the designer and other features. Is this product going to be abandoned in favor of Stoplight Studio and left unfinished?

We are currently building out the roadmap for the next two quarters and will have more information within the next two weeks regarding our feature release schedule. Please feel free to submit ideas for features in the roadmap https://stoplight.io/p/roadmap .

This still isn’t clear to me. The roadmap doesn’t state which product you’re developing these features into. You have 4 now. The legacy editor, Next, Stoplight Studio, and Stoplight Enterprise.

We are paying for and using Next with the hopes that you will deliver OAS 3.0 support as stated throughout the UI. Next can’t even be accessed from your website now (only through direct URL) so I’m fairly confident that this product isn’t going to be completed. Where can I view the timeline for the product we’ve purchased and our team is actively using?

You’ve now dropped two newly unfinished products on us Stoplight Studio and Stoplight Enterprise with no clear direction as to what your current paying customers should adopt while also cutting testing out of our workflows if we choose to use your new products. We’re in a hard place because if we continue to use Next we will never see OAS 3.0 support added and our only other choice would be to use the newer products and lose functionality we previously had.

As an aside your forum is marking posts as spam that link to your own domain. I should be able to link to your own products on your forum without being marked as spam.


Hey @robbins,

Would much appreciate if you could have clear answsers to these questions.

We are in the exact same situation and don’t really understand if we should migrate to Studio, use both Studio and Hubs, keep using only Hubs hoping you will include Studio features (OAS 3 support) in it.

Well, I think it might be a good signal to clarify things for your existing customers.


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