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Hi -

You are supposed to be able to implement Google Search Console w/ Google Analytics. I think possibly the way you guys implemented Google Analytics for Stoplight, it is preventing this. There’s a javascript snippet you insert and it’s a tiny bit different from the regular Analytics one. I am not able to get the Console to recognize my sites.

Any chance of taking a quick look?

Hey @einnes,

I don’t know about a quick look :laughing: but we can check it out early week to see if we there’s any quick solution there. I’ll let you know what we find out.

@einnes - As a workaround, you could insert the correct Javascript snippet as “custom Javascript” in Stoplight. I have not used Google Analytics myself, but I would presume adding custom Javascript would be equivalent to what Stoplight is doing anyway.


I already tried it doesn’t work.

This is the code I’m trying to get to work:

<!-- Global Site Tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics -->
<script async src=“”></script>
window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);}
gtag(‘js’, new Date());

gtag(‘config’, ‘GA_TRACKING_ID’);

But I put my tracking ID in. This is slightly different than the google analytics stuff alone. Basically, I can’t get this to work in the javascript box if I take out my Google Analytics tag.

I need to be able to post this and have it recognized by Google or I can’t use search console.

I can also add this meta tag - <meta name=“google-site-verification” content=“fNC6PB0eILhC9Zmkl9X6pkYzU5ohBomFGrdPGrca6Dc” /> but that also doesn’t work.

There’s a tag manager option that doesn’t work and also uploading an HTML file for recognition by google doesn’t work either.

You are correct, @einnes. It isn’t able to find it in the way it is implemented right now. I’ll open up a feature request to get this added in a future sprint.

We’ll see what is the best way. It might be one of the other options. I also tried them all.

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Well that is a relief! I was like maybe I’m doing this wrong every time. If you also tested with the same results I feel a little relieved about it.

But yes it would be great to add that - that is a pretty useful SEO tool. :slight_smile:

I’m checking back to see if there was any progress on this? I’m trying to monitor my site to look for ways to improve it

No updates yet. There’s a lot of work going on in the next two sprints, and this didn’t make it in there.

We may have found an easier way to fix the verification issue with Google Tag Manager when looking at this:

So hopefully I will have some good news soon. Once I test the fix, I’ll let you know.

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A big issue at the moment is it doesn’t seem like there’s a way to have a sitemap. This would help Google crawl the site. If there’s no way to add one, then you can submit a sitemap to Google Search Console, but since there isn’t a way to have the console yet, this is off the table as well.

Docs aren’t a marketing focus, but it would be nice to have Google be aware of the sites.

Checking back on this.

Yup, it would be nice. Our Markting people would love a bit of control over reindexing etc.