Google Analytics not working?

(Einnes) #1

I set up google analytics and they were working when I first set them up, but now they don’t work. I don’t get any data from stoplight now. I’m not sure what to troubleshoot?

(Taylor Barnett) #2

@einnes do you know what date it appears to have cut off?

(Einnes) #3

No - I wasn’t really looking at it and then I thought I’d check in and it wasn’t working. It doesn’t show anything for any point in time so it seems like it some is disconnected?

(Taylor Barnett) #4

Interesting. Do you remember setting up Google Analytics for your published Hubs?

Maybe you unpublished and removed your domain and reset everything up and it didn’t get set up?

(Einnes) #5

Well neither of those domains can be unpublished that would mess things up. I re-added the tags I am going to try that out now.

(Taylor Barnett) #6

Okay. It appears the Google Analytics was never added. Hopefully not a bug in there though.

You can add it now and it will get picked up next time you publish. I tested it out to make sure it is working on my own test Hub.

(Einnes) #7

They were though - that’s what the problem was. I added them and then I had feedback for a week and thought it was working, and then I didn’t have it.

(Einnes) #8

I actually realized I can guess the date I started using it. 7/16/2018. I reviewed my email and that’s the date I implemented it for both sites, then it stopped working. I put the tags in again today - I had thought the number I saw displayed in the box was the tag number and it wasn’t.

(Taylor Barnett) #9

When you say tag number, is that the same thing that Google Analytics calls tracking IDs?

(Einnes) #10

Google Analytics continues to not function correctly. There are tracking IDs and no data coming in. It’s weird, because it did work right when I added it. I don’t get why it stopped again. :confused:

(Taylor Barnett) #11

And th Google Analytics ID is still in your Hub Integrations?

If it is, then maybe we should start a private message at so I can see more about your Google Analytics setup.

(Einnes) #12

I think a private message might be a good idea unless the discussion is valuable for everyone to see - could be somebody has the same issue in the future.

(Taylor Barnett) #13

I won’t be able to debug anymore until I have more details, so let’s go to I’ll close this issue for now. If I learn more that is beneficial to everyone, I’ll add more details here.

(Taylor Barnett) #14