GitHub Integration in Stoplight Next


(Tatiana Perry) #1

I checked the issues and feedback and didn’t see anything.

It would be great if we can link the site json file and any swagger files to GitHub repo.

  1. Two-way linking. If I made an update in Stoplight to a swagger, I can also push it to GitHub. If I make a change to a file in GitHub, it will also update in Stoplight.
  2. Works on OAS Spec Files
  3. Works on Hub Files Code
  4. Ability to create a branch from stoplight to have changes reviewed and approved in GitHub then after merging change is avail in Stoplight.

My current workflow is to copy and paste all my files out of stoplight and into GitHub every day. This is less than optimal.

(Erik Hansen) #2

You could probably achieve most of what your asking for by tapping into the Stoplight Git repo where you could then run some outside process for syncronizing the two repositories.

GitHub has an Actions Beta where you would be able to perform the push to Stoplight every time a commit is made in GitHub. However, you’d still need some outside process regularly checking for commits to Stoplight so that the GitHub repo could be updated.

(Tatiana Perry) #3

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately this is not feasible at this time for us. So I created a suggestion for the Stoplight team.