Git organization authorization

Hi! I am connected to spotlight studio with through my github account. I am able to clone a personal repo. However, I am not able to clone a repo for an organization I am a member of. I am positive I have authorization for these repos since I can clone them locally (and I am marked the owner of the account).

Any way I can clone these repos from studio?


Hey there,

That is strange indeed. What happens when you attempt to clone them in Studio?

I get the following popup (this is using the web version)

I think this is the same issue I still face here : Git authentication in Studio

I’m trying to checkout a project of organisation ACTITO while being connected with my own MarcLevisse github account

Good to know Im not the only one with this issue.

Stoplight team - any insight?

Any response from Stoplight?

I just ran into the same error trying to clone a repository.

I originally used Stoplight Studio web to create a test project which I synced to github.
I then moved the project to an organization.
I have full access and can clone the project using git commands.
However, Studio is unable to access it.
I made a copy and put back into my own git account. However, Studio cannot access that either.

We are currently troubleshooting this issue but it looks like it is an issue around Github Organizations and OAuth App Access Restrictions being enabled ( . Stoplight will require OAuth App Restrictions to be disabled and/or explicit OAuth access to be granted to Stoplight.

Hi! Indeed - if we remove all restrictions it does work. However, from a security perspective, that seems like a very bad idea.

Is it possible the stoplight app needs to request more scopes in order to access the organization details?