Formatting will not display bullets on particular page

(Einnes) #1

I am getting a repeating error for one page:

This page will not correctly display bulleted lists. Examples of the behavior are here: - Obtain Transaction Status Results and Implement with an SDK are supposed to be bulleted. - Purple italicized items are supposed to be bulleted. These show correctly in the preview in the tool but not on publication.

(Taylor Barnett) #2

Hey @einnes! Could you share an image of what you are seeing?

This is what I see:

(Taylor Barnett) #3

Nevermind, ignore that request, I clicked on the wrong link to see it. I’m looking into this.

(Taylor Barnett) #4

We found the problem. In your Markdown, you have some Custom CSS, right after this section:

“With Score enabled, the response you receive will have the same information as the regular Voice Verify response, plus the following additional parameters. They are:”

It includes a ul { list-style: none } which is causing the bullets on the page to be hidden. It is only getting processed when you published, and this is why it is not in the read view.

(Einnes) #5

That’s so weird! I copy pasted from a page where that was not happening. Okay thanks

(Einnes) #6

Also it renders properly in the tool just not published… how do I get rid of it since I can’t see it? It occurs on the Submit a Fraud Event to TeleBureau page as well.

(Taylor Barnett) #7

Yeah, it makes sense that it doesn’t show in preview because the custom CSS inside of the markdown doesn’t get processed until it is published. You’ll need to remove the ul { list-style: none } in your CSS.

(Einnes) #8

I’ve reported it as a bug, because I do not have any CSS, nor do I have access to it. Where would I find CSS that I didn’t write? This page was built by doing a cut n’ paste from another page. That’s it.

Is there a CSS section to look in? I have already looked in the theme section since that is the only place I’ve ever seen CSS I can use.

(Taylor Barnett) #9

I am not sure how the CSS got there in the /send-a-voice-message-with-a-verification-code page, but it might have been copied when you carried over one of the pages. I’ll send you DM with the exact place in your docs.

(Einnes) #10

Okay that would be awesome. I don’t know where to view CSS per page.

(Taylor Barnett) #11

Since we got it resolved in DMs, is there anything else I can help with this @einnes? Or are we good to close?

(Taylor Barnett) #12