Force prism's detailed 422 response

Hi, is there a way to force prism to return its 422 response explaining why the request is invalid even when the spec has defined a 400 response? Currently, I only see my example 400 response which doesn’t tell me why prism considers the request invalid. Thanks

Hi @lehphyro, which version of Prism are you using? If it’s Prism v2, then there should be a header included that provides more information on why a request was marked as invalid. I’m not 100% sure on Prism v3, though.

Hi @ross, I’m using v3 and there is no such header provided in the response.


you’ve opened an issue on our repository as well so I won’t repeat myself here :slight_smile: just wanted to tell you that you can currently inspect the response headers to find the exact same error data that Prism would have produced in case you wouldn’t have a 400 response defined.