Feedback or commenting tool?


(Einnes) #1

Is there anything in the works to add a way to review how helpful a page is or comment on the page? This kind of info from readers would be helpful.

(Ross McDonald) #2

Hi @einnes, I’ve opened an internal feature request to have a rating system added. This is the first time we’ve heard this request, so there is nothing currently on the roadmap. I’ll relay this to our product team, and we’ll post an update here once we have more ideas on status/timing.

(Einnes) #3

Oh I have an old note about it - but I thought maybe it was too complicated so I made this one where the idea is simpler. Here’s a link to the old one: Metrics Tool for doc pages

If you’re going to consider it, here’s some things that doc tools do not do that would really help writers:

  1. Give people a way to be positive - no news is good news is a common thing for docs and positive feedback is useful too.
  2. Give people a way to give feedback and also rate pages individually. So a comment box but ALSO like scale of 1-5 or something like that.
  3. Some kind of backend tool that lets you see where people give feedback/don’t any kind of site metrics is helpful.