Feedback based on first real project with stoplight

Just finished adding a new resource to a production API for the first time and wanted to share some feedback.

Firstly, I LOVE this tool. It is head and shoulders better than the web experience and better than any other editor I have tried.

But… :smile:
Pain Points

  1. cannot login using credentials - I have opened a ticket with support re this
  2. the nag screen about converting your github url to https from ssh. If you answer no, I keeps popping up every 2 mins asking again.
  3. code editing support needs work - if you have invalid json it loses the changes. This is bad. The code editor piece needs work.
  • syntax highlighting
  • folding
  • the helpful save confirmation that warns you about invalid json but then doesn’t disappear when you have fixed it
  1. Can’t see both form and code view at same time
  2. using osx Mojave, external file changes don’t get picked up - the ability to do this would mitigate the issues with 2 & 3
  3. forward/back button to when in form editor mode
  4. Mocking/path variable settings not remembered between code changes. Every time you “Try it now” you have enable mocking and enter path variables.
  5. be able to configure variables like $$.env and use them in paths for mocking server

So what I would love to see is 3. sorted.
That way I could use my favourite IDE with good json/yaml support and be able to view both the form view (which is fantastic) and code at the same time.

Another very useful to have would be better help around the cryptic linter messages on how to resolve the issue.
intellij style alt-enter fix it now would be fantastic for things like tags not being declared in global scope.
Rather than building a fully fledged code editor, with this sort of functionality I wonder if it wouldn’t be worth your while creating a plugin for intellij/vscode for advanced code editing features.

Refactoring support would also be fantastic to be able to extract a subset of a model into another one an convert the using model to use allOf.


Thank you for all this feedback will, it’s all really useful stuff. The good news is that much of this is already on our radar.

Credentials - For studio desktop you can as of v2, and other git providers will use oauth tokens whenever they’re supported. If the VCS doesn’t let you use credentials, we cant let you.

Nag Modal - I’ve submitted feedback about this too. It doesn’t do what people think it does and I question if we need it at all.

External Changes are intentionally not supported at the moment, but we have an issue for making it happen.

Environment Variables