Export missing referenced component

New to Stoplight,
I have an api that includes a ref to a yaml file.
'400': description: Bad Request content: application/json: schema: $ref: ./Models/ValidationProblemDetail.v1.yaml examples:
When I export the api (to be read by a code generator) the ref turns in a path string
“400”: {
“description”: “Bad Request”,
“content”: {
“application/json”: {
“schema”: {
“$ref”: “#/paths/~1users/post/responses/400/content/application~1json/schema”
This “paths” does not seem to be anywhere in the exported document the code generation fails because it cannot find the file.

Not sure what I am doing wrong here, or perhaps my understanding of how the export works is not correct. I expected to have either a zip file with all the files in it, or the referenced file included in the exported file.

Any way to include all the files in an exported api?