Example request body not showing up in read view

(Tomcaflisch) #1

I have an example request body in my design view, but in read view this does not show up. It does however show up in the generated docs. Is this a bug? I’m using the OSX desktop app.

(Taylor Barnett) #2

Hmmm, appears it might be. I’m going to recreate it in a new project and I’ll let you know what I see.

(Taylor Barnett) #3

I am having a bit of trouble replicating this, @tomcaflisch. Could you send me a direct message on here with a link to the project where this is happening? I want to try it out with your specification.

(Tomcaflisch) #4

How can i send a link for the desktop app?

(Taylor Barnett) #5

If you could direct message me, the organization name, project name, and file name. That works too! You can also login to the Stoplight web app, and find the URL there too.

(Taylor Barnett) #6

@tomcaflisch I did some digging around and have been trying to still replicate this and I’m not having any luck. I’ll wait a bit longer to see if you could send me where it is happening before we consider this one fixed.

I believe there might have been a bug with this and it was fixed, although it was supposed to be fixing an adjacent issue.

(Tomcaflisch) #7

It wasn’t an issue in the web app, only the OSX desktop app.

(Taylor Barnett) #8

@tomcaflisch good to know! We’ll have a new desktop release out soon, so it should be fixed there soon.

(Taylor Barnett) #9

@tomcaflisch this should now be fixed in the latest release. let us know if it looks good to you.

changelog: [Changelog] v4.8.0

(Taylor Barnett) #10

@tomcaflisch just wanted to follow up to check that this is resolved on your end.

(Tomcaflisch) #11

Yep it looks like it’s fixed now. Thanks.

(Taylor Barnett) #12