Environmental variables

(Helen Griffith) #1


I have a problem with env variables. I set them in the publishing area for my domain, in the ADVANCED section. When I first visit the site (even if it’s open in another browser tab), the env variables don’t load on the first page. I have to click to another page, then back to the first. The env variables then work. I’m using them in URLs: https://{$$.env.MyVariable}/path.

They DO work, so I know I’ve coded them correctly. It’s just that the values can’t be found on first loading the site.

Any ideas?


(Helen Griffith) #2

I think the same issue occurs with inline links. The first time I load a page with inline links (to headings with the same page), the links don’t work. Refreshing the page fixes them.

(Chris Lott) #3

Hey @helen.griffith,

Yes the issue is that we are not resolving those variables during the build process. I can confirm that this issue is fixed in our upcoming v4.9.0 release though!

(Helen Griffith) #4

Amazing! Thanks Chris - how soon is the release?


(Taylor Barnett) #5

Hey @helen.griffith, can you confirm this is now fixed? You might need to rebuild your docs if you haven’t already.

(Helen Griffith) #6

I think this is all good… Thank you!