Enchantment proposal. Display models examples on endpoints that using $ref to model to reuse examples as well as models structure

I found $ref feature is great in order to reuse same models on endpoints. But it is disappointing that I can’t reuse examples from models on endpoints as well. I have examples for each endpoint and for any single model change I have to edit all endpoints examples in order to keep it updated. This is hard to support and track. It would be very useful enhancement to add examples reuse for endpoints with $ref models or at least display model examples in publish mode on endpoint without the need of extra action to open model documentation.

Reusing examples would be great. I found a section in the documentation here -> https://swagger.io/docs/specification/adding-examples/ (at the end under Reusing Examples), where a solution is described that would need support from Stoplight Studio.

How is the Stoplight team building APIs with examples? Would be nice to get some feedback.

Hey ya’ll,

Thanks for the feedback! I have submitted a feature request to enable reusable examples which the dev team will review.