Documentation for API automated testing

I’m new with Stoplight and trying to follow your documentation, but some pages cannot be opened.
For example when trying to open:
I got: Oops! This page doesn’t exist.
I found the same prroblem here:
the video doesn’t exist…
Where can i find good tutorial for API automated testing?

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Yeah some of our links are unfortunately not up to date.

In general, our current documentation lives on; once you’re there you can find a dedicated Testing section which will hopefully answer your questions.

@maayan.heruti Actually it looks like there was a publishing error in our documentation that was exposing some articles that were supposed to be hidden (like the scenario-specification article you mention). We have re-published the docs to fix the issue, so there should be no more broken links on the site (let us know if you find any, though).

The documentation is for our legacy product, so I wouldn’t recommend following those unless you are already using that product.