Desktop Studio 1.12: Operation tags should be defined in global tags

I’m new and using Studio to learn about OpenAPI so assume I know nothing.

I’ve built an API but can’t clear “Operation tags should be defined in global tags.” in the issues list.

I don’t understand what tags are used for.
I can’t find info about tags in the help, the search hits docs that reference them but I don’t see an article about them.
I can’t see any reference to global tags in the UI.
I found this Desktop Studio does not recognize global tags but I couldn’t find anything in a forum search here so not sure if this is just a noob issue…

Also, please explain the use of Tag description. I tried adding it in my json but nothing changed in the main hub read tab.

Tag Descriptions can be updated in Code. If you’d like to see more information about how that looks, Spectral has documentation for this:

The Form view does not provide any way for you to edit Tag Descriptions, which is something we will be taking care of as part of that issue you linked to:

If you don’t care about this rule, you can disable it in Spectral.

Honestly it’s probably going to be disabled by default in the next major Spectral version (probably v6) as it’s very very useful for various parts of the Stoplight Documentation, but anyone using other documentation doesn’t necessarily need to worry about Tags or Tag Descriptions.

Btw you don’t need to worry too much about warnings. Warnings are not Errors! :slight_smile: