Design considerations: splash page, headers and footers

Hi - making good progress on a documentation hub so starting to look at getting it working with our branding etc.

Q1) Is the landing page on built entirely out of standard Stoplight components? If so, how do you do the hero title, call to action and section buttons? Or is it an imported HTML file?

Q2) Are there ways to add header and footer content to a published hub? I think I saw a link in the documentation with Header/Footer as the title, but it didn’t open …

Q3) Are there any styling options in the Markdown blocks to define a lead/intro paragraph or can we mark paragraphs with a class that custom CSS picks up?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Any updates on the above would be amazing - speaking to the marketing team to look at our options tomorrow.

Hey Ed,

Sorry about the delay. A lot of us were out of the office for the 4th of July holiday.

  1. This is an old design that no longer exists. The one alternative is to use HTML to create your own landing page of your own design. Some people do this with some bootstrap or other libraries they use in other parts of their site so it looks more continuous.

  2. I think I know where you saw that in a related article. Sadly, it is no longer a feature.

  3. You could add some custom CSS for a certain Markdown header level (maybe a smaller one that you don’t really use) and then style that.

Thanks @taylor - no problem, hope you all had a good holiday!

Good to know all the above. It’s likely that we’ll build a custom HTML landing page anyway but was curious about the options.

Inserting boilerplate content into the header and footer would be really helpful for us in integrating the docs with our main marketing site. Are you aware of any general approaches your users take for this? e.g. appending content via JS/GTM? Or would people usually export static content and build into their site?

BigCommerce is one example of a team that’s done some customizing that you could check out:

They used some JS for things like the changelog. I think most would prefer to append rather than have to deal with exporting the static content builds.