Data Driven Testing Feature Request

it will be a big deal to support data driven testing and it’s very urgent for our corporate to using it.

i want to ask about any way to apply data driven testing practice to stoplight, so we can in our corporate test large set of data from say .CSV file and run single scenario multiple time with each data set element and getting test reports for each run instead of replicating same single scenario hundred times for each test input data and having headache of maintaining large number of scenarios

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Hi @m.abdelsalam ,

Here is perhaps what you’re looking for :

Meanwhile, there’s a workaround you can do to achieve your goal : prism (command line) can accept a file as env parameters like this :
prism conduct http://yourScenarioUrl --env varenv.json

The varenv.json looks like this :
{ "myVar1":"dadadada", "myVar2":"dididi" }

Then, in your scenario, you just have to use {$$.env.myVar1} and so on.
Finally, you need to build some bash scripting to split your .CSV file and iterate with a new JSON file at each Prism launch.