Common responses from external file?


The Stoplight UI now supports referencing “responses” located in the same file - however, it doesn’t seem to support referencing “responses” located in another OpenAPI document.

If you have a large number of “shared models” that are expected to evolve, then it makes sense to store each model in a separate JSON schema file. Responses, on the other hand, is an OpenAPI concept, hence, I assume, they must be stored in an OpenAPI document.

Having a separate OpenAPI document for each response creates some overhead (not significant), but also taking into account that many shared responses are not expected to need to evolve as frequently as a shared model. In this case, a grouping of shared responses into a single OpenAPI document makes sense.

I’ve tried to align my Stoplight folder structure to what is described [here](’s%20directory%20structure%20(aka,viewed%20within%20the%20Files%20tab.). Still the Stoplight UI can’t locate the common.yaml file.

Any ideas of what may be wrong?

I’m using Stoplight Studio desktop v2.2.0

Regards, Erik