Collapsable Page Titles in Sub pages

(Development) #1

If I am adding services and sub pages it would be nice to have the page names be top level and click to expand the Resources and Models. My API will have 20+ services and to have Resources and Models in each displayed by default and no way to collapse into main page title will make my table of contents list very very long.

(Taylor Barnett) #2

Hey @development! I just opened up an issue for this because I know it would help users with lots of services, like you. We are going to doing a bit of API Reference page design work in the coming months and try to include this in there:

(Einnes) #3

Please can we have this - I think it’s essential. The whole reason you don’t make a big list and group with subpages, is so it collapses. It’s a mess if you can see every last thing in the nav. Also, if somebody wants it displayed, maybe you can offer the ability to set that - collapsible? and then people choose true/not true and it could be per grouping. That would be fantastic.

(Chris Lott) #4

This can be achieved now by nesting the API references one more level deep.

First create a subpage called “Services”.
Then add a nested subpage for each service underneath the “Services” subpage.

Here is the export for this Hub example:

(Einnes) #5

But then you always have to have content a set number of levels deep. It would be better if you can choose at each level to have it collapse.

I want to go in just 1 level sometimes under a heading, and I want everything to fold up into that for compact review of the left nav.

(Einnes) #6

Checking back to see if there are any upcoming plans to offer this? it’s getting to be a bit much on a single page and having things be collapsible at the top level heading would help a lot