[Changelog] v4.7.0


(Chris Lott) #1

Stoplight v4.7.0 Release

Release files on GitHub

New :rocket:

OpenAPI Specification (OAS) 3

  • Create and edit OAS 3 files
  • Find and fix issues in OAS 3 documents using validation and linting rules
  • Publish auto-generated OAS 3 documentation
  • Visual editing coming soon!

Fixes :wrench:

  • [API] Publishing can lose references if GitLab times out
  • [Hubs] Segment key should be wrapped in quotes when injecting into HTML
  • [Hubs] Auto-generated links for nested pages are incorrect when published under a base path
  • [Platform] Discussion comment timestamps are incorrect in Safari
  • [Platform] String length validation is being stored as a string instead of an integer #315
  • [Platform] Prevent overwrites when editing documents #283
  • [Platform] Unable to single-click on draggable sidebar items
  • [Platform] Ensure correct billing plan when using features
  • [Platform] Canโ€™t click possible enum values in path param
  • [Prism] Empty security array on an operation is not being respected
  • [Prism] $$.env variables are not being set correctly in referenced utilities #347

Support OAS 3.0
(Thomas De Groof) #2

Finally, awesome! :slight_smile:

As the Design view is not yet available and spec has to be written manually, the question rises again when it will be possible to do this in YAML. Any update on that feature?

(Brian) #3

Hi Thomas!

YAML code editing will be available for specs with the next major release of Designer, what we are internally calling Studio. Weโ€™re not to Alpha yet, but making tremendous progress!

We should be publishing a public roadmap within the next month or so and the release dates for Studio will be communicated then :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Support OAS 3.0