[Changelog] v4.6.5


(Chris Lott) #1

Stoplight v4.6.5 Release

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New :rocket:

Environment variables in Hubs

You can now provide default values for your $$.env variables in published Hubs! These values will replace text and fill inputs that match the $$.env variable syntax. Learn more

Google Tag Manager integration

Published Hubs now have a first class integration with Google Tag Manager. Simply add your GTM key to manage all of your analytics scripts from Google. Learn more

Send requests directly from the browser

You can now send test requests to your API directly from your browser (bypassing our proxy server). This will only work if your API supports CORS. You can enable this for all of your Hub users by adding "skipPrism": true to your default environment.

Fixes :wrench:

  • [Platform] - CRUD builder should not close when $ref dropdown is selected

  • [Platform] - Organizations list should display all orgs in which you are a member

  • [Platform] - Organization member lists should support more than 100 members

  • [Hubs] - HTML files should render correctly

  • [Hubs] - Assets should be nested inside the base path directory

  • [Hubs] - Published Hubs should load in Safari 10.1.1+