[Changelog] v4.6.2

Stoplight v4.6.2 Release

Release files on GitHub

New :rocket:

301 Redirects in Published Hubs

You can now add redirects in your Published Hubs! If you change or remove a page route but still have links pointing to the old route, just create a redirect and your users will be routed to the correct place. 301 redirects also benefit SEO by telling search engines to deindex the old URL and indexing the new URL. You can add redirects now by navigating to the publish panel. Learn more in the docs.

Fixes :wrench:

  • [Platform] - Error when generating example response from schema

  • [Platform] - Sign-up emails have invalid links in the footer

  • [Platform] - Error when navigating around in OAS2 editor: “Darn! Something went wrong”

  • [Platform] - Errors from linting path params are not helpful and sometimes incorrect

  • [Platform] - Linking a Spec to a Scenario doesn’t always populate coverage report

  • [Hubs] - Custom JS and <script> contents are encoded after publishing

  • [Hubs] - Publishing with a base path results in an error

  • [Hubs] - Custom CSS styles are being loaded before default styles causing themes to be overwritten #333

  • [API] - Cannot export files that contain spaces or symbols

  • [Prism] - Extra characters added to the path when retrieving OAS specifications