[Changelog] v4.5.0

Stoplight v4.5.0 Release

v4.5.0 Release files on GitHub

Update: v4.5.1 and v4.5.2 have also been released to squash from bugs🐛 from v4.5.0.

New :rocket:

[Organizations] Discussions

Discussions allow organizations to track and share conversations at the project and/or file level. They are particularly useful for tracking enhancements, bugs, issues, and tasks. Discussions are displayed in a Projects Home and within the Discussions toolbar. They are sorted by most recent activity.

[Hubs] Documentation API

Stoplight exposes an API that enables you to programmatically publish and unpublish documentation, download build zips, and modify a docs configuration. Additionally, you can retrieve a documents build list and configuration. This enables more advanced automation and integrations into existing workflows. For example, continuous integrations services such as Travis, Jenkins, and Circle CI.

Fixes :wrench:

  • [Modeling] Requesting OAuth2.0 Access Token: Scope is missing in Form Data #276
  • [Modeling] Impossible to have an assertion testing the numeric value of 0 #279