[Changelog] v4.0.2

v4.0.2 Changelog

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Enhancements :muscle:

  • [Hub] Try it out request body example is generated from OAS schema if no static example set #176 #140 #158
  • [Performance] Moved several high-cost operations off of the main UI thread to reduce lockups #180 #140
  • [Performance] Made the asset size of built Hubs smaller, added asset caching and some other performance tricks

Fixes :see_no_evil:

  • [Organizations] Members page limit #183
  • [Hub] Support OpenAPI Basic Auth in Hub try it out #190
  • [Design] Fix OpenAPI security scheme oauth2 authorization/token URL editing #179
  • [Hub] Fix an issue where building very large Hubs timed out #174
  • [Hub] Intra-page anchor links in hubs #170
  • [Design] Support custom license in OpenAPI #155
  • [Desktop] Linux desktop icon #182
  • [Hub] Custom favicons in published Hubs
  • [Hub] Fix Hub -> OpenAPI -> OpenAPI reference chain handling
  • [Hub] Fix try it out code generation and {$$.env} variables
  • [Hub] Show try it out in OpenAPI read view even if no host or protocol set in OpenAPI file
  • [Projects] Firefox 45 support