Cannot Recover from Error State

(Nick Ziech) #1

It appears my article has gotten into an unrecoverable state, where I keep getting the “Darn! Something went wrong” message every time I attempt to view/edit a Markdown page. I’m unable to get this error to go away, and am not sure what caused it.

Any ideas on how to get this to go away, or what may have caused it? This is the second time it’s happened, and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

(Robbins) #2

Hey Nick,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Are you using the desktop app? If so, have you downloaded the latest version ?


(Nick Ziech) #3

Hey Rob,

Yep! Using the latest Mac desktop version as well as the browser site - both of them are unrecoverable.

(Nick Ziech) #4

Additionally - it’s my file, and the error is still present. I was trying to paste in some commented out HTML examples of code and I think that is possibly where it misinterpreted something.

(Ross McDonald) #5

@nick.ziech I have removed the string from the file that was causing issues while our engineering team takes a closer look. Can you confirm the crashes stop?

We’ll let you know as soon as we have more information on the underlying issue here.

(Ross McDonald) #6

@nick.ziech BTW it looks like this issue only occurs if the link that was removed is not within a code block. As a short-term workaround, I would recommend putting the link contents into a code-formatted block (ie, ``` on lines before and after).

(Nick Ziech) #7

Can confirm it works. Thank you!