Cannot read property 'packfiles' of undefined

Hi, is there anyone get the same issue?
I was using stoplight for several days and nothing problem, but today I’m trying to push change I got this issue…

Hi @simi.prambos, thanks for letting us know! I have opened a ticket for you in our support system. We’ll be following up over email shortly to get more information from you on this issue.

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Having the same problem. Would you by any chance have any updates on this?

Been using fine, but now cannot push changes to Gitlab anymore. Seems to be a problem with the new version


I am also having the same problem, Updated from from version old stoplight 1.4 to stop light studio v2.0.

Seems problem with new version or I must have misconfigured something wrong.


Hi all, this issue should now be resolved in Studio web. We will have a fix going out for desktop soon, but it has not yet made its way out.