Bug report: cannot save lint rule changes

(Thomas De Groof) #1

I’ve already logged this bug on Github, but it has so far not been answered.
See https://github.com/stoplightio/desktop/issues/366

Using the Stoplight UI it’s impossible to change lint rules, since the “Save” button always stays disabled.
There is also no code view here to change the YAML file directly, so currently the only workaround is to change the file directly through GIT.

(Taylor Barnett) #2

Hey @thomas.degroof,

We have a fix for this right now. I am checking on when it will be live though.

(Taylor Barnett) #3

It sounds like it will be live this week.

(Taylor Barnett) #4

Just kidding! It just went live. :smile:

@thomas.degroof can you confirm that it is fixed?

(Thomas De Groof) #5

@taylor it’s working in the webapp now, thanks!
(Not yet in the native app, but I assume you need to release an update for that.)

(Taylor Barnett) #6

Correct, it will come out with the v4.9.0 release in March unless you really need it in the desktop app now.

(Thomas De Groof) #7

March is fine! :slight_smile:

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(Taylor Barnett) #8

@thomas.degroof I believe this is now fixed, can you check and confirm?

(Thomas De Groof) #9

Yes, fixed!
Thanks for asking.

(Taylor Barnett) closed #10