Bug: Anchors not working

(Einnes) #1

When I use anchors I created, the page does not open to the anchor. For example:

Oh https://enterprise.telesign.com/api-reference/apis/sms-api/overview

If I click to go to Next Steps from the menu up top, it opens on the SMS API Examples section.

(Nicolas Tisserand) #2

Works for me but I see what you mean because your “Next steps” section is at the extreme bottom of the page with nothing else after.
When you click, it seems that you go around " GET Request and Response Examples" (depending on your screen resolution).

If possible, try to add some blank space after your last section. It could match to what you’re expecting.

(Einnes) #3

There isn’t a way to do that with spaces as the tool is in Markdown, also sometimes it correctly scrolls to that section without any issue. So I’d rather it be investigated.

(Taylor Barnett) #4

This is what I’m seeing:


But it sounds like it is different for you, right?

(Einnes) #5

Yes. Sometimes it stops two anchors up. It does this randomly on different pages. It’s more likely to occur if you click around through the site and scroll around in the pages.