BUG: allOf regression in v2.2.* and web-based version causing inaccurate documentation

There is a regression affecting the web-hosted version of Stoplight (as well as with the v2.2.0* releases of their “Studio” desktop client) causing models not to be displayed correctly.

Using allOf to combine properties from other models with the current model’s properties does not result in accurate documentation in v2.2.0.

title: Model1
- $ref: ‘#/components/schemas/Model0’
- type: object
property1: …

The above example results in Model1 documented as containing the properties of Model0 and does not contain “property1”.

It appears the the documentation ignores the current model’s properties and only displays the inherited properties.

Desktop client Stoplight Studio v2.0.0 is the last release that works as expected.

This is a critical bug that renders documentation inaccurate.