Broken API Spec File Pages

(Tatiana Perry) #1

We are having trouble with these two pages. If you were to click the links the pages load briefly then disappear.
But if you go one level up then click pages then create a page or update a page it works fine.

Can someone look into this behavior?

(Taylor Barnett) #2

It looks like it might be some of the custom JS causing the issue. On the first direct link, I see this error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'appendChild' of undefined
    at changeLog (updateapage:26)
    at start (updateapage:59)

I do not see this error when clicking from the page one level up. Only when I refresh that page.

(Tatiana Perry) #3

That is what is confusing us. This is the same js that is running across all pages. Why just these two pages? Wouldn’t it be all the pages if that was the case?

I made a copy of our site and stripped out all the JavaScript. It does the same thing.

This seems to be the actual error:

RouteData or withRouteData couldn't find any props for path: api-reference/marketing/store-content-api/pages/createapage. You are either missing a route.getData function or you are relying on RouteData/withRouteData where you don't need to.
value @ RouteData.js:232
(Taylor Barnett) #4

Do you happen to notice if this is happening on pages that have an <html> tag in the examples?

(Tatiana Perry) #5

I removed and its still happening.