API Explorer differences by page type?

(Einnes) #1

If you create a parameters page generated from a swagger file, at the bottom is an API explorer. This explorer always has different tabs than when you add them yourself inside documents. Why does the one generated from the swagger file have a different number of tabs?

(Robbins) #2

Thanks for reaching out. There are a few reasons the send test request may display differently in your documentation. They include Custom JS, Custom CSS, and/or Environment Variables. The explorer and send a test request are separate features so if you applied some Custom JS and/or CSS to one element, then that JS and/or CSS would not be applied to the other.

(Einnes) #3

I agree, but if I had done that wouldn’t I be aware of it already?

To be clear, I’m asking why they are different when they show the same thing. There are no differences, it’s the same API in both places, being depicted differently. One chooses to separate Authentication into its own tab, the other does not, though both are using the same kind of authentication.

(Einnes) #4

Also, as you’ve mentioned custom CSS, does this mean you now allow people to change the names of the fields for username and password? Previously I had been told you can’t change these names.

(Robbins) #5

Indeed, there is unfortunately no method for changing those field. After investigating further I believe the API explorer always has an Auth tab, regardless of what API you are referencing. It has generic fields because it is not generated from a modeling file.

(Einnes) #6

I don’t understand the response - it doesn’t have an auth tab and I sent a picture of that occurring. My question is why doesn’t it show the same each time?

Are you saying that on a page that generates all the parameters from the swagger file, it somehow decides not to do that for the built in explorer?

(Taylor Barnett) #7

Over the last year, we’ve made changes to the settings tab for the built in test request feature on API reference pages generated from your OpenAPI document. Similar changes did not make it to the one you manually add in your Hub pages.

There’s not a good reason why they are different other than that. Ideally, they would have the same design, but that isn’t true right now.