All of my API pages are broken what happened?

(Einnes) #1

Every single API I have is broken now. They don’t correctly display their content and there are a bunch of warnings. Has there been an update? Was something done? All of my content is gone and broken and these things are in regular use by customers. It’s 17 APIs broken.

The pages are anything that pulls API information from the modeling pages. If I go into the modeling section, every single file’s content is broken. It shows ‘string’ for the schema section and it displays nothing else.

All API pages broken again - same issue as before - was there an update?
(Vincenzo Chianese) #3


I would suggest you to get in touch with us directly through Intercom. We’ll be able to be way faster in responding you for these kind of issues.

I can look into that, but I need you to provide some other details. Can you please email me at Vincenzo at stoplight dot io?


(Einnes) #4

Okay thanks. I don’t know what Intercom is.

(Vincenzo Chianese) #5

Hello again,

when you are in the application ( you should be able to access our intercom chat by clicking on the button that’s on the top right menu.

We’re waiting for you there!

(Taylor Barnett) #6