Add a feature to quickly disable a step from a scenario


(Nicolas Tisserand) #1


Sometimes, you would like to exclude temporarily a specific step from a scenario. Let's add a feature to quickly disable/enable a step from a scenario. This could be done with a simple checkbox or a toggle switch.

Suggestion on the “Scenario config” screen :

This toggle should also be present on the step definition screen.
For example :


  • You don’t have anymore to delete the step (or put it in the clipboard from the “</> Code” tab).
  • You keep all its configuration (tests, captures, scripts, …)
  • It’s easier to re-enable it later.

(Thomas Pytleski) #2

Great suggestion. Quick question, do you want to be able to disable steps outside of the Stoplight app as well? So when you run your scenarios from the command line or the hosted conductor? If it is just from the Stoplight this should be really easy to support.

For what it is worth, you can stop a from running by dropping down in the scripting. Just call the stop() function at the very beginning of a step’s before script.

(Nicolas Tisserand) #3

Hi Thomas,

I think that it is important that a scenario or collection has exactly the same behaviour wherever it is launched from. The indicator belongs to the scenario definition (in the YML), not to the execution environment.
So, I’d like this feature working both on UI and in commandline or hosted conductor (through curl request).
Indeed, it is probably more difficult to support

But, thank you for the “stop()” workaround. I didn’t knew this.