About Project Owners Modifying Projects

Hello. I am a new user of stoplight.
Until recently, I was organizing the API doc well using the project edit function on the web.
However, from one day, it was no longer possible to edit the project.
When I click the project edit button, a message says’only the project owner can edit this project’.
I am the owner of this project right now and I have never shared it with anyone else.
In addition, I have no plans to integrate git. I want to be able to push and use only documents on the web.
If you know the answer, I would like you to share it.

Hi @kimdongsik, sorry for the delay in response here! That error is a little misleading, and most likely has to do with the local storage for your project being removed (or maybe you switched browsers). At the moment, Studio projects that are not connected to Git, so all storage is in your browser. This means if you lose the browser storage for any reason, then you’ll get the error you’ve seen.

To fix, you will have to export the files from the project documentation (using the Export button as shown below) and then re-import them into a new project.

Moving forward I would highly recommend connectig your projects to a Git repository. We have plans to fix this issue, but it will most likely be later this year or next year before it is available.