500 error when press Docs button

I get 500 http error, when i press Docs button to preview my API documentation, don’t know whats wrong.
I created new project, added article (didnt change anything in side, default text) and when i press Docs on the top right, near the Studio button, i get 500.

this happens only for me or what? I tried with multiple projects, same.

Hey there,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Could you share any details on your use case to assist us in troubleshooting the problem? What OS and browser are you using?

OS: Windows 10 Version 1809
Browser: Google Chrome Version 79.0.3945.117

There is not much other details, i just have one welcome.md that looks like this:
# welcome
The beginning of an awesome article…

And thats it, i press docs and i get white page with text in the middle:
500 | Internal Server Error.

my project:

doc link:

Do you need any screenshots?

It’s very strange if i’m only one who facing that problem

Thanks for that info. Do you have a git repo connected to your project? It is required for publishing within Studio. If you don’t have a git repo a message should appear telling you to connect to a git repo. That doesn’t seem to be happening though.

A screenshot of the error would be of great help also. Thanks!

I’m not publishing from studio, i pres docs button in web. As i read it doesn’t require git connected, only for publish need git, but not for docs button.

Thats the button i press

Thats the error i get:

I tried to press publish button, it shows that i need to connect git, but when i press learn more, i was redirected to page that not exist:

Thats how it looks:

So… none of the options works

I have successfully reproduced the issue and let the dev team know to get a fix in. Thanks again for reporting the issue.

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Same here, you are not the only one :slight_smile: